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We return to Devon's tiny beach houses

We return to Devon’s tiny beach houses

Summer at the beach house It is the second independent part in a series about the small seaside resort of Everdeen.

Summer at the Beach House by Veronica Henry
About the book:
Summer is coming, and Robin and Jake are planning their wedding. It takes place at the family’s tiny beachfront home in Devon, and plans include a picnic by sparkling water, lots of dancing and a rose-bubble. It would be great.

But Robyn is more anxious than expected. She can’t stop thinking about the box she got on her 18th birthday, and all the secrets it could contain. Did you really dare to open this door to her past? It can help Robin – or break the hearts of the people you love the most. How do you know what is right?

Veronica Henry

He is a British writer whose warm and happy novels attract new readers every year whose characters are as believable as they are inspiring. Veronica Henry has published around twenty books, and previously worked as a screenwriter for both radio and television. She has three children and lives by the sea in Devon.

In Sweden, Printz was published for publication previously Family Recipe, Drömhuset, Hjärtats bokhandel, Ciderträdgården And the Christmas at the beach house.

He said about it Christmas in a beach house:
A true caramel of love, friendship and hope for a better life. Contagious escape from reality in the midst of the Christmas rush. ” – Engalil Mosander, Aftonbladet

“This story goes straight to the heart and can have an anti-anxiety effect.” – Tara

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Title: Summer in the Beach House
Author: Veronica Henry
Cover: Anna Henriksson / Pixelpiraya
Translation: Shop Maria

Isbn: 9789177714477
Release date: May 25, 2021

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