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Trump may have to share a cell with his bodyguard

Trump may have to share a cell with his bodyguard

“Portrait of Donald Trump” in Georgia.

Image: Polaris

The Secret Service is responsible for the security of the president and former presidents.

Image: Polaris

Trump is the first former president ever to be formally charged in a criminal case.

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Donald Trump has already made history after becoming the first former president ever to be formally charged in a criminal case in April. But the potential sentence and prison sentence could be even more historic.

ABC He writes that the Secret Service, the agency responsible for the president's security, has already begun planning for a possible detention.

– This is clearly an unexplored area. No prison system, neither federal nor state, has had to deal with this before, said Martin Horn, who is in charge of the prison systems in New York and Pennsylvania. The New York Times.

He could be locked up – with his bodyguard

Former presidents enjoy Secret Service protection for the rest of their lives, without exception. This makes a potential stay in prison more dangerous.

“One way or another, the Secret Service has to protect him at all times, even if he's in a detention center or a prison cell,” US Attorney Joseph Cosgrove said. Daily newspaper.

-If there's one thing the Secret Service doesn't tell you, it's how to protect the president. But they will protect him one way or another.

The longest prison sentence Trump could receive across all trials is 717 years, according to Dagbladet.

“Save his food”

The New York Times I spoke to several government officials, who told us that a prison sentence for Trump would mean major logistical problems for the Secret Service.

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Among other things, they will have to check his food, protect his personal belongings and keep him away from other inmates.

“If he is incarcerated, a team of agents will be working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, rotating in and out of the facility.” He writes the newspaper.

“Although firearms are strictly prohibited in prisons, agents will remain armed.”

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