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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanks Sweden

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanks Sweden.

The reason is Sweden’s “contribution of military and humanitarian support” to the country.

– We are building an anti-Putin coalition together, Zelensky wrote on Twitter.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky Thank Sweden and the Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson for support.

He wrote on Twitter that Sweden contributed military support, among other things.

“Sweden has provided Ukraine with military, technical and humanitarian aid,” Zelensky writes.

Moreover, writes Zelensky.

“We are building an anti-Putin coalition together.”

Aftonbladet unsuccessfully sought comment from Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson on Zelensky’s references.

Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist’s press secretary announced that no decisions have been made about what Sweden might send for help in Ukraine. And so the message of Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist is the same as yesterday’s – that work is underway in government offices and the government will return when it is ready.

Sweden already has military cooperation with Ukraine, including on mine clearance and within the framework of Operation Unifier, led by Canada.

Secretary of State Anne Lind (Q) explains what Zelensky is referring to:

– It is believed that since 2014, Sweden, for example, has stood in strengthening the defense through Operation Unifier. We’ve also been involved when it comes to mine clearance – that’s one of the biggest problems, says Anne Lind in a comment for TT.

She completes.

Sweden is good at clearing military mines that have destroyed the hands and feet of many children. That’s what he’s looking for in the first place.