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Discord speaks out after messaging hack of 14,000 servers

Discord speaks out after messaging hack of 14,000 servers

I did recently 404media (Behind the Paywall) Report on an online service used to harvest more than 14,000 Discord servers' text and voice messages from 620 million users.

Using bot accounts on Discord, the service claimed to have harvested more than 4 billion public messages from the chatbot and sold access to the massive database for less than $5 on the now-defunct website. The site allegedly marketed the whole thing as a way for companies to access data to train AI models or as a law enforcement tool.

Write now Eurogamer A Discord spokesperson commented on the incident.

Our security team conducted a thorough investigation into the activity and identified a number of accounts that we believe are linked to the website, which we have subsequently suspended. – Disagreement

Furthermore, the spokesperson explains that the accounts joined Discord servers that were open to anyone or accessible via a valid invite link. Therefore the information collected is that which was publicly available on the servers. There are no private Discord messages or personal information beyond what the user shares on their profile.

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