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Biden nominates Brown Jackson – she becomes the first black woman in HD American technology – News (Echo)

In the United States, Joe Biden submitted his candidacy for the very powerful Supreme Court during the evening, after a liberal justice announced that he was retiring. Biden has fulfilled his campaign promise exactly two years ago to nominate a black woman for the job.

At a historic news conference Friday evening Swedish time, Joe Biden presented his selection for the new judge to the Supreme Court – Kitangi Brown Jackson, the first black woman ever to be nominated.

It is time for the Court to reflect all the potential that exists in our country, said Biden, who on Friday fulfilled a promise he made to voters during the presidential campaign two years ago, if given a chance.

It is now up to the Senate to approve the election of Kitangi Brown-Jackson, which seems likely because the Democrats have a majority in the Senate.

But even if her appointment was historic, the ideological make-up of such an influential Supreme Court would not change. Kitangi Brown Jackson is described as a liberal and will replace another liberal judge, Stephen Breyer. So HD will go on to pit six conservative judges against three liberals.

During his presidency, Donald Trump had the opportunity to fill three out of nine positions with high accuracy, which moved the court to the right.

Ketanji Brown Jackson is 51 years old and described as a well-rounded and qualified person. She hopes that her career and her love for the country and the Constitution will inspire new generations of Americans.

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