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Republicans are asking to vote to remove their president

Republicans are asking to vote to remove their president

After months of conflict, last week, members of the US House of Representatives were finally able to agree on a new multi-billion-dollar package for Ukraine. This came after Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson presented a proposal that divided support for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

On the outer edge of the Republican Party, discontent was running high. Many called on the party, which has a slim majority in the House of Representatives, to link aid packages to additional funds to monitor the country's border with Mexico.

Marjorie Taylor Greene The Georgia Republican immediately announced that she would vote against the proposal, claiming that Johnson had “clearly broken his promise” when the aid package was passed.

It has since launched a campaign to remove Johnson as speaker, but has so far only received open support from Thomas Massie, a congressman from Massachusetts.

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At a press conference on Wednesday, Taylor Greene announced that next week she will introduce a motion in the House of Representatives for a vote on the future of House Speaker Mike Johnson. It also calls on the Speaker of the House of Representatives to resign on his own initiative.

-Mike Johnson is unable to take this job. “I've proven that over and over again,” she says Washington Post.

She did not provide any information about whether she had brought any other members with her in order to obtain a majority against Johnson.

The speaker answers With Taylor Greene's attempt to impeach him as a “mistake for Republicans” and a “mistake for the country.”

But the far right of the Republican Party is unlikely to succeed in ousting Mike Johnson. Not least because the Democratic House Minority Leader, Hakeem Jeffries, came out and supported Johnson.

Late Tuesday, he announced that if Marjorie Taylor Greene's proposal came to a vote, Democrats would vote against it.

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