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Stine Christophersen's case with Atendo is being tried in the High Court – Labour

Stine Christophersen's case with Atendo is being tried in the High Court – Labour

During the pandemic, care assistant Stine Christophersen raised alarms in the media about shortcomings in the care of coronavirus patients at the nursing home where she worked. This led to her receiving a written warning from her managers at care company Attendo. When it was all revealed in documentary p1, Atendo wrote to withdraw the summons and apologize to Stine Christophersen Municipal worker.

Subsequently, a director and a human resources specialist at Attendo were awarded fines in both the District Court and the Court of Appeal for violating the Freedom of Communication Act, which gives healthcare professionals the right to speak in the media without risking retaliation. However, the Court of Appeal ruling was appealed to the Supreme Court.

It is now clear that the Supreme Court will hear the case, but there is no set date yet.

“It is important that we prosecute the case.”

HD wrote on its website that the starting point was the written reminder that Stine Christophersen received for making a critical statement in the media. The question is whether it should be regarded as a disciplinary sanction which would mean that the directors had deliberately committed themselves to breaching whistleblower protection.

Stine Kristoffersen thinks it's important to try this issue.

– In a way, it's natural to try that in the Supreme Court, because you're looking for a precedent. In other words, as a human being, I feel tired. “But whistleblower protection is an issue that is close to my heart and is very important to take seriously,” she says.

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