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Typhoon Chanthu pulls back over Shanghai

Typhoon Chanthu pulls back over Shanghai

Typhoon Chanthu moved out of Taiwan and is now located off the east coast of Shanghai and China. But even if it only “touches” the coast, it can cause great confusion.

– It’s stuck there and will be rolling there until Thursday, says SVT meteorologist Diana Bajic, adding that there are about 20 million people living in Shanghai.

‘violent winds’

Airports, schools and subways in Shanghai were closed in anticipation of the storm.

– Diana Bajic says: – There will be between 200 and 300 mm of rain per day in Shanghai.

Wind speeds of 70-80 meters per second were measured.

– There was a violent wind, but fortunately it was above the water. When they pulled back over Taiwan, says Diana Bajic, they were 40-45 meters per second.

It’s Pacific hurricane season right now and Shantho is the fifth Category 5 tropical cyclone this year.

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Orkanen Chanthu

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As a hurricane over Houston

In the Gulf of Mexico, another hurricane is brewing. Nicholas moved from Mexico to Houston as schools were closed and people urged to stay home. Nicholas has been upgraded from tropical storm to hurricane, but has lost momentum and is expected to be reduced again.

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