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US government asks judges to stop Texas abortion law

US government asks judges to stop Texas abortion law

With the next new work In a lawsuit against the state of Texas Filed by the Justice Department last week, the Biden government is trying to temporarily repeal the abortion law until it can be tried again in court — Despite the fact that it was recently upheld by the US Supreme Court.

The ministry claims that banning abortion after six weeks in practice violates a woman’s constitutionally protected right to abortion with “non-viable fetuses”, since many women do not know they are pregnant very early in the pregnancy, and it is a long time before a fetus becomes a fetus . viable. Scriver The Washington Post.

It is also alleged that the law It was constructed in a malicious manner, which means it cannot be appealed in court. The submission states that “this attempt to protect a clearly unconstitutional law from scrutiny cannot stand.”

A number of states have previously attempted to introduce so-called “heartbeat laws” banning abortion after the sixth week — the time when fetal heart activity can be seen on ultrasound scans — but they stopped after it was deemed a violation of the federal abortion law.

However, the Abbott Texas law is designed one way which allows private citizens to sue in private for aiding a woman to have an abortion after the sixth week. It will be a civil suit, and the winner will also receive $10,000 in damages.

All health care workers who perform abortions, counsellors, those who pay for abortions or those who drive a woman to an abortion clinic, can be brought to justice, which is seen as effectively stopping abortions.

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