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Sunak: Migrant flights to Rwanda this summer already |  the world

Sunak: Migrant flights to Rwanda this summer already | the world

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

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The plans have met with fierce opposition. Both courts and other experts describe it as inhumane and illegal.

Sunak sees it as an attempt to fulfill an election promise to “stop the boats”, that is, to deter life-threatening refugee smuggling across the English Channel. People who wish to seek asylum in the UK will be flown to Africa and tried there.

– Now that will be enough, says the Prime Minister after several months of trips when the House and Senate sent different proposals between them.

– we are ready. The plans are in place, and these flights will take off no matter what.

He claimed in a brief appearance that the first plans would be made “within ten to twelve weeks.”

The British Parliament approved the draft law early Tuesday morning after it was first approved between the House of Commons and the House of Lords. BBC The expert is described as “ping pong”.

Violates humanitarian law

UN experts on Monday warned airlines and aviation authorities against facilitating the “illegal return” of asylum seekers from Great Britain to Rwanda, news agency EFE reported.

Experts say the UK government's decision contravenes humanitarian law, and if airlines and aviation authorities comply, they must be held accountable for their actions.

The opposition Labor Party has vowed to repeal the law if it wins the general election, which must be held by January next year, reports said. BBC.

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The party will invest in border security rather than spending “half a billion pounds on a system that only affects 1% of asylum seekers”, according to Labour’s Yvette Cooper.