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The UK will be implementing another Govt traffic light for countries this summer

The UK will operate Traffic light system To categorize countries this summer, based on the risk posed by Govt. Countries can be classified as green, amber or red at risk, allowing free travel from isolation as the green returns. This method has already been used in the UK summer and Christmas, and Attracted criticism In the British field and targets, it wanted “removable” isolation and the insecurity surrounding international travel.

Although both the APDA and the airlines have urged the government to resume international travel as soon as possible, the sector has received the proposed method with moderate confidence (see: UK does not advance the planned date for international travel).

The managing director of ABDA, the association that unites the country’s travel agencies Mark Dancer, has welcomed the reopening of international travel in the summer and the government’s setting up of an organization to classify travelers. Remember the chaos of living In the summer of 2020, with “Take away” the isolation and destination classification system that makes travel types more insecure.

ABDA believes the transition between green and amber, or amber and red, will be similar this summer for a summer, and the government is clear on what criteria will be taken into account and how these could affect the sector. “It is important to help travelers and businesses and ensure potential travel insurance,” the CEO said.

Presented by Johnson’s Government Advisory Committee April 12 Detailed report on their travel recommendations. The report was issued in advance from Monday, without recommending changes regarding the date initially set May 17, To resume international travel.

The chaos of the summer of 2020

The traffic light system listed in red, yellow or green in each country is not new due to the risk of infection and the status of vaccines for those places. It was already launched last summer and during the Christmas holidays, as we said, how is the COVID traffic light of targets on the doorsteps of Christmas.

People going to countries in green do not need to be isolated when returning to the UK, but they do as far as a landscape in the Amber area, while those who go to a place in red must comply a 10 days isolation period in government appointed hotels.

The manner in which the UK used to classify countries for international travels last summer provoked all sorts of criticism and controversy within the country and among British favorite tourist destinations. In Spain, for example, places like the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands were waiting to be held outside the global statistics for Spain because country-wise classification of statistics would be detrimental to them.

Goals also ask Safe air corridors With the British market, but by the decision of the Boris Johnson government, re-introduced Isolation with Spain At the end of July, the season was reduced (see: British government imposes isolation on Spain again).

The European Union in October introduced an integrated system characterized by the risk of infection in each country, which is not ruled out to be reused in the summer of 2021 (Europe introduces integrated COVID traffic light).

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