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The “Great Britain Harp Orchestra” is international, exciting and very popular to Sweden!

The “Great Britain Harp Orchestra” is international, exciting and very popular to Sweden!

English Harp Collection George Henschliffe The “Harp Orchestra of Great Britain” is an international sensation and something of a national treasure back home in the United Kingdom. Over the years, they have made extensive tours around the world. It is now clear that the successful group will visit 7 locations in Sweden in Spring 2020.

Their fascinating story spans over 30 years and ranged from curiosity and ingenuity, from small country scenes to Carnegie Hall. With the purchase of musical instruments for change, the Royal Orchestra played at the Royal Albert Hall, the Sydney Opera House and at the mega Glastonbury Festival.

On one or less of the ongoing world tours, the orchestra delivers superb entertainment with dry English humor, enemy-fighting and swinging music. The group has mastered doing the unexpected, be it like brilliant interpretations of folk music, classical pearl, rock, pop or for these Matter.

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Turnéplan 2020 “The Harp Orchestra of Great Britain ”

February 28, Gävle, Concert Hall

Feb 29: Östersund Folkets hus

March 1 Sundsvall Tonhalin

March 2, Stockholm Scalateatern

March 3, Stockholm Scalateatern

4 March Gothenburg Lawrenceburgstein

5 March Malmö Palladium

March 6, Uppsala, UK

(Subject to change)

Tickets will be released on Friday, August 30th, via: Tickets will be released on August 30th via &

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“… Few concerts this year match this group’s performance in November.”New York times

‘Wonderfully smart’ David Bowie

“It has grown into a much loved institution” observer

“Cheers know no bounds” DN

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“He should be seen! And heard!”

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