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Anais Don Dimena gives new life to the "Loca People" beast - a tribute to all the Shurdas

Anais Don Dimena gives new life to the “Loca People” beast – a tribute to all the Shurdas

Anees Don Damina is now released One Two Three Shurda It is a remake of the hit song “Luca People” from 2011 by Sac Noel. This monster hit immediately topped the charts as number one in a number of countries such as; Great Britain, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Israel, the Netherlands, Scotland and Poland were among the top ten in the other 12 countries. Anis has sampled the original song and no one will miss the fact that it is dedicated to his loyal fans as well as “Shurdas”.

There was a buzz through DJ-Sweden when “Uno Dos Tres Shurda” went covertly in clubs, and the song was already entered prior to its release as number 15 on the Swedish dance chart and continues to climb.

Anis Don Demina is basically a DJ and an artist, but he also has one of the biggest Swedish channels on YouTube today with 50 million views total. His fan base is dubbed “Shurdas” and “Uno Dos Tres Shurda” is a tribute to them all. It was only clear that Anis was a candidate, too General breakthrough In Rockbjörnen and on August 13th the winner will be crowned!

Anis’ debut album “ANIS”, released at the end of June, has been streamed over 4 million times and continues to climb on the charts on both Spotify and Radio. This summer, Anais is touring the Nordic countries and “Uno Dos Tres Shurda” is his outstanding contribution to all of the Swedish dance halls.

Listen to “Uno Dos Tres Shurda” Here

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Se lyricvideon Here

Warner Music Sweden released the song “Uno Dos Tres Shorda”.

For more information and contact with Anees Dawon Damina, contact:

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