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Thief and police in SVT – with a license for boredom

Carolina Felburg about SVT’s new entertainment program


Eileen Naelyn, Jonella Hogberg, and Roger

Photo: Ulrika Malm / SVT.

Ellen Nayellen, Jonella Hogberg and Roger will be Carlson, Anne Dovva and Christian Vargahide in “The Thief and the Police”.


Disgusting TV CHRONICLE? Bad timing? An essential course for ambitious criminals?
No, SVT’s new “Thief and Police” entertainment Sunday is not something the show was previously accused of. However, the premiere was on the verge of being criminally boring.

The hunt for seemingly new entertainment formats – and action – is constantly on, and this fall is trying SVT with “Thief and Police”. A mix of entertainment and reality (or “folkbildning”, if you speak the SVT language) about how police work.
Ten ordinary Askersund residents, divided into two teams made up of two teams (colleagues, friends, father and daughter, etc.), will do the plotting and coup. Then they would hide the loot of 50 million kroner, and carry on with their lives as usual, while 14 experienced ex-police officers would attempt to solve the crime, using the same methods they would have done had it been a real investigation.
The format has its origins in Great Britain, where it bears the less unusual title “The Heist”.

“Kuppen” or “Rånet” was a reasonable Swedish translation, but SVT took a softer path and chose kindergarten-inspired “Thief and Police”.
However, this did not stop people, in advance, from getting excited about the inadequacy of the program.

Should taxpayer money go to teach potential criminals the art of escaping from the police? How can SVT broadcast this now, given the situation in the country? Shouldn’t the police investigate real crimes?
Well everyone can relax. “The thief and the police” is an incredibly beautiful story. Selecting the participants (including two hairdressers, a pure aunt, a truck driver named Vicon, a man who appears to have watched all the episodes of “CSI” and a couple who seem to be not staying long at a party) led the building and making music (I think the overriding idea of ​​”Jönsson” League ”) to a production that’s unlikely to get hot in the underworld. And nothing knows that not every single cone actually knows, given the number of crime series, real crime series, documentaries and crime magazines that the average Swede puts up.
It’s likely SVT’s big problem keeping viewers on for another seven weeks, when the first episode was about to be criminally insensitive, and it’s hard to believe that a group of experienced detectives would need more time to find an amateur rogue in Skorsund.

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Places of this size are, so to speak, where secrets usually die. It happens that other people know what you have before you know it yourself.

Maybe SVT should be grateful if there is a storm of viewers, so that some drama comes out.

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