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Social distribution of delta variation in Sweden

Social distribution of delta variation in Sweden

Reported earlier Tuesday Uptonbladet The number of new cases of delta variation, previously referred to as the Indian variant, has increased by at least 70 per cent in the last five days. It shows a survey done by the newspaper.

In the evening, the Swedish Public Health Institute reports that Sweden has a social spread of diversity.

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– This is not just travel related cases, it will appear as such. “We can already say that this is on the rise,” said Britta Bjorgom, head of the Department of Infectious Disease Control and Health Care at TV4 Nyherdana.

The Swedish Public Health Agency has previously warned that delta mutation “is believed to increase its ability to spread compared to other types”. Those early analyzes indicate that vaccine protection is slightly lower after a single dose against the delta variant, but both doses provide “good protection”.

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Drivers to spread in the UK

The delta variant has so far been found in 74 countries. In the UK, mutations are now spreading the disease. The delta variant is estimated to account for 90 percent of new cases in the country and infection rates have been at an all-time high since February.

It has urged the British government to postpone the reopening of the community until July 19.

“Thousands more are at risk of dying if we do not provide health care for a few extra weeks,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a statement.

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