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Croatia is ready to receive guests

Croatia is ready to receive guests

The Croatian Tourism Board organized a virtual conference for foreign media, which took place simultaneously in ten markets in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden and Norway. The 90 representatives of the leading media in the mentioned markets were welcomed by the Minister of Tourism and Sports Nicolina Brunzak and the Director of the Croatian Tourism Board Kristen Stanik, who gave the most important news to the press about the readiness of Croatia for the tourist season.

Minister Brunzak said that Croatia was ready to receive many guests and that the stable epidemic situation was the best invitation to come to the country. “I hope we have taken all the necessary steps to make Croatia a safer holiday destination. This year, in Croatia, we are focusing on high quality and highly diversified tourism offerings for our guests. New Elements of Luxury In addition to high quality hotels and secluded vacation homes, Croatia has an excellent level of camping and glamor, and has the world’s largest battalion fleet around a thousand beautiful islands in the Turquoise Sea, to a perfect maritime destination. “The scope of beach and domestic outdoor activities and our focus on guest safety are the best reasons to choose Croatia as a holiday destination,” he added.

Speech by Mrs. Nicolina Brunzak, Minister of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Croatia

Leaders of the participating markets at the Croatian Tourism Office presided over the online conference sponsored by PR Agency Aviareps. The conference dealt with entry requirements and safety protocols in Croatia, vaccination for people and staff in tourism, the current epidemiological situation of importance, sample sites and medical assistance. In addition, the “Be Safe in Croatia” project, the “Trust me, I was there” campaign and news about tourism, airlines and investments were discussed.

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“Croatia’s best position on the world tourism map has been confirmed by this virtual conference, which has brought together a number of well – known journalists from the popular and popular media. This is a great opportunity to once again cover all the news about the Croatian tourism offer, but also about the current protocols.” The information we receive every day from the markets gives us confidence for most of the tourist year because we expect the biggest tourism. ” Director Stanik says that Croatia could take this place as a leading tourist destination in the Mediterranean

The Executive Director of the Croatian National Tourism Board, Mr. Their text by Christian Stanick

Media outlets participating in the conference include, for example, German RNT, Spiegel, Frankfurt New Press, PZ, Austrian Der Standard, Die Press, Klein Zeitung, Vorarlberger Nachrichton, Tyroller Dazzeitung, British Independent, The Guardian, The Guardian, Sun, Daily Mail, Telegraph, Czech Lidov Novini, Mafra (Maze Swat), esk√Ĺ rozhlas, Swiss Flick, Travel Insight, Travelnews, Slovak Plus 1D, Slovenka Magazine, Provda, Dutch Ron Dijon, Many


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