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Small bat broke air record – killed by cat

The record holder belongs to the Trollpipistrell race.
The record holder belongs to the Trollpipistrell race.

A small bat recently broke records on long-haul flights when it traveled more than 200 miles from London to Russia.

But the victory ceremony did not last long. At the finish line, the eager cat was waiting to hit the bat.

It was found dead by a woman in the small village of Molkino. A rehabilitation team tried in vain to save it.

The animal was previously ringed by the London Zoo, and this record flight is the longest recorded in a battalion from the UK to Europe.

– It was a fantastic voyage and the longest voyage we have ever known of any bat made from Great Britain via Europe. What an Olympian! Says Lisa Vorlez, security chair of the Bad Conservation Trust BBC.

She believes this journey is a wonderful scientific discovery.

– This is another puzzle on the migration of bats. Its movements between Britain and the continents hold many mysteries.

The record-breaking trollbistrel weighed eight grams and was as small as a human thumb.

Only another bat flew away. In 2019, one of the same species flew 224 km from Latvia to Spain.


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