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Sweden exits bronze

Sweden exits bronze

Despite the tears after the semi-final defeat against Russia, the Norwegians were not hard to recharge.

Sweden, on the other hand, seemed to have already packed their bags when they left for the last Olympics in Tokyo. Norway quickly went into the four-goal lead, then it was eliminated.

– A lot of emptiness of feeling, you don’t want four to come when there are four teams left. Winger Natalie Huckman says it’s sad that we made a good match and eventually got nothing home with us.

Left-wing Zamina Roberts did not think the 17-goal loss against Norway was unworthy – it did not reflect the Swedish Olympics.

– Norway is too good for us to play this badly. We were charged before this match and we publish it very easily.

We try everything we can, but once we do something good they create a goal. Looks like we never lit the flame. Why? Ask someone else.

Plom missed – in the end

It was a sign that midfielder Lynn Blom missed the first shot of the match slightly in the first half.

At the break, Sweden trailed by twelve balls, 7-19. Federation captain Thomas Axner tried in vain to revive the Swedes and used his two time in advance.

Jenny Carlson, who was not included in the starting seven but had more playing time as the match ended, did not have a good answer to what happened.

– This is a really good question, it would be very sad to get this result for a match like this if we knew we would have done something different.

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The surprise of the match

A Swedish women’s national handball team did not advance to the Olympic quarterfinals more than Tokyo and did not win medals.

So, what this Swedish version did was historically and the team was praised for its achievements, especially crushing both Spain and the final ROK at the group stage. Many teams called Sweden the surprise of the match.

In addition, the Swedes played in a draw against the other final team, France, in the group final and played an equal match against them again in the semifinals.

Confederation captain Tomas Axner did not think the outcome of the match would leave a negative mark on performance.

– For me, smoking a little in the cup is not a strength for us. Overall, this is the most significant trip we have made since the European Championships. I am very happy with that. Let this match fall between the chairs. At the same time, it reminds us of how much we have to put up with at the end of a match.

Sweden national team captain Thomas Axner during the bronze medal match. Photo: Jonas Extromer / DT

Facts: Norway’s Olympic medals

The Norwegian women have won two Olympic gold medals, one from Beijing in 2008 when they beat Russia and the other in 2012 when they beat Montenegro from London.

There were two Fridays, the first losing from Seoul to South Korea in 1988 and the second from Barcelona in 1992 with a new loss against South Korea.

Then you get two Olympic bronzes, after losing in the semifinals from Rio in 2016 and 2000 from Sydney against South Korea.

In Tokyo, the Norwegians saved their third.

Facts: Championship matches against Norway in the 2000s

2008 Olympics in Beijing. Sweden lost to Norway 31-24 in the quarterfinals. Norway then captured the gold and Sweden took eighth place after the employment competition.

Euro 2010. Sweden wins against Norway in the middle round. The teams met again in the final, where Sweden lost 20-25.

Olympics 2012 in London. Sweden met Norway in the second match of the group, losing 21-24.

Euro 2012. Loss against Norway with 25-28 in the interim round. The victory took Sweden to the semi-finals of the European Championships.

Olympics 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. Defeated in the quarterfinals against Norway by 20-33, Sweden both outscored and played.

WC 2017. Winning the group final against Norway 31-28, probably Sweden’s best match of the tournament. Sweden advanced to the semifinals against France and then won the final against Norway.

EC 2018. Sweden lost to Norway in the competition for the fifth prize. This is a huge loss, 29-38.

2020 Olympics in Tokyo: Swedish big defeat against Norway in bronze with 19-36.