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Similar schemes for bribery in the UK are called – P4 Uppland

This is what Sveriges Radio correspondent in London, Staffan Sonning, said regarding P4 Uppland’s review of funds coming from the Swedish Nuclear Fuel Administration into Osthammar municipality, at the same time that the municipality could influence whether nuclear waste is buried in the municipality’s bedrock.

The so-called value-added agreement will provide values ​​equal to about half a billion kroner, if the final warehouse in Osthammar is lost.

In the United Kingdom, it was decided two years ago that a province that agreed to start an investigation into whether it was appropriate to dispose of spent nuclear waste there could receive up to 40 million pounds, the equivalent of 500 million. Criticism has come from anti-nuclear organizations in the UK, including the idea that it is a way to bribe an unpopular project.

Ostamar council member Jacob Spangenberg (C) told P4 Uppland that he believed there were significant differences between the structure in the UK and that in Sweden, in part because the so-called value-added agreement initiative, here comes from two municipalities that were related to the final warehouse rather than from He wants to bury the waste.

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