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Den blinda prinsessan Jolanta (Olga Shcheglova) i Tjajkovskijs opera på Kungliga operan i Stockholm.

Review: Tchaikovsky’s Jolanta at the Royal Opera – Kulturenet at P1

Works: “Golanta”
composer: Peter Tchaikovsky
place: Royal Opera

Fortunately, they brought five Russian soloists with them in the lead roles Fast, elegant, muscular and addictive.

To the American conductor John Fury, who makes the sound of a chapel sound like that of a Russian orchestra, who makes Tchaikovsky’s music fly forward, or beat us in the waves of a great orchestra.

Jolanta the short is certainly Tchaikovsky’s witty, But not like Eugene Onegin or ballet. Oddly enough, on the evening of the world premiere in December 1892, I also watched the ballet The Nutcracker. Then Jolanta was appreciated more, but now the opposite. The Nutcracker is one of the eternal ballet performances.

The fact that Jolanta is not played very often is due to the fact that it is a fairy tale with a simple structure and happily end together. Princess Golanta is blind and her father, King Rene, has forbidden anyone to reveal to Golanta that she is blind. But then the suitor comes, even the wrong suitor, and tells him what you cannot see. “Why do you give me white roses all the time – I said I wanted red…” She wonders what red is.

It is the story of what we mean by the words we sayWhat do we see, do we see the same things? And that’s what can make us see again is love.

But this Russian group stomped on her and says we are all blind looking at our cell phones and the only one who can see is the one who has lost his sight. They play it realistically without any connection to the epic.

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Fortunately the music is more than that.

Opera in P2 broadcasts the premiere and you can listen to it for 30 days.

Technical team: Music: Pyotr Tchaikovsky, libretto: Humble Tchaikovsky after the play “King Rene’s Daughter,” directed by Henrik Hertz, director: Sergei Novikov, site designer: Alexander Kobalian, video design: Dmitriy Ivanchenko, costume: Maria Vysotskaya, light: Denis Iniokio, director: Denis Enokyo.
Participants: Stanislav Shvets, Olga Shiglova, Konstantin Brzezinski, Igor Morozov, Dmitry Yankovsky, Jonas Degerfeldt, Lennart Fursin, Klimentina Savnik, Vivian Holmberg and Olga Deputatova.
The Royal Opera Choir and Royal Court Chapel
Game period: Until October 26, 2021

“Jolanta” is a co-production with Helikon Opera, Moscow.