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Stillbild från filmen ”Suedi”: Personer som skålar i rödvin runt ett middagsbord.

Review: Swedish director Manuel Concha – Culturenet in the first stage

Movie: Sweden
Director: Manuel Concha
the actor: Cardo Razzazi, Agnes Lindstrom Polmgren, Susan Reuter, Johan Olufsson, Philip Berg, Anne Petrin M. Phil.
rank: 2 of 5

Sollentuna boy Mahmood finds 90 million Swedish kronor in cash when he’s out jogging with polar bears. With his share of the pie, he decided to fulfill his dream, of becoming a real driver owning homes in Lidingö, Volvo and Happysocks.

He starts with blue lenses, his name is Sebastian, he meets an upper class girl Isabel and is now having a wedding. Then the problem arises: the banknotes expired in two weeks and now have to be washed so he can save his Swedish life.

All this has been said In just the first 10 minutes and so fast it leaves you as a completely exhausted viewer. It calms down a bit for the remainder of the film – but there are a few times the hideous situations that Mahmoud ends up making pull me even a little bit on the smiley face. Even if attempts are made, often.

Susan Reuter and Johan Olufsson as arrogant in-laws certainly have a high class of humour. And Dani Soseido shows himself and does everything just fine.

The main issue About who is already perceived as a Swede is well-honoured. But that doesn’t save a movie that’s messy and exaggerated and where the character build is frustratingly thin.

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