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Review of Technel Reduced Experiment: "He Did Not Read Openly"

Review of Technel Reduced Experiment: “He Did Not Read Openly”

Björn Olsen, professor of infectious diseases, one of the critics of the public health agency’s decision, has not been vaccinated since November 1. Be sure to check for symptoms.

– As this is a completely new situation and many older people are starting to lose vaccine coverage, we can better see the huge and strong peak of vaccination for sick people. If we do not know how big the spread of the epidemic in the community is, perhaps we can leave it at that. Then perhaps the sensitivity will manifest completely unnecessarily.

Björn Olsen is one of 22 researchers writing today In the DN Depot That decision contradicts the WHO’s recommendation to “test every case of suspicion”.

– We will stumble blindly and see the effect of the lack of testing on the number of people who are not in the hospital, seriously ill, and deaths, says Bjorn Olson, an epidemiologist at Actual, backed by Dow Fall.

“I see the top of an iceberg”

State epidemiologist Anders Technell is not worried about losing power.

– He has not openly read about what we recommend. We continue to recommend testing for anyone in need of hospital care. Anders Technell says we will continue to do a lot of testing in infection monitoring, so a lot more people will be tested.

He believes that there are many other ways to see the infection without trying, and that even today many untested people are affected.

– We know that we are constantly seeing the top of an iceberg. And we’ve become so good at going upstairs and seeing what it means when it changes.

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The effect is fading

Many countries are now reporting how the infection is increasing. Britain, which lifted its restrictions three months ago, is now once again one of the hardest hit countries in Europe.

One of the many possible explanations is that many people are vaccinated at an early stage, the effect of which is now beginning to disappear.

Anders Technell says it is difficult to know how quickly the vaccine will end.

– The numbers are not completely vague, it looks like but how fast it goes varies a lot.

In Sweden, 80 percent of the population is now vaccinated with two doses and 84.6 percent have received at least one dose. In both the UK and Sweden, the big challenge is to reach the last 20-30 per cent that have not yet been vaccinated, says Technell.

– There are groups that take longer to achieve significantly, that require better and more information and that take longer.