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Increasing spread of infection in Europe - new restrictions await in many countries

Rising epidemic in Europe – new regulations await in many countries

According to the World Health Organization WHO, the UK, Russia and Turkey had the highest number of cases in Europe last week, with the number of cases in Europe increasing by seven per cent compared to the previous week.

– Matthew Taylor, chairman of the UK Health Commission (NHS), told the BBC earlier this week that we were facing a perfect storm.

Matthew Taylor flagged off that the NHS is now preparing for a “very challenging winter”.

Shops and restaurants are closed in Russia

Russia has reported 1,036 deaths and 36,339 cases in the last 24 hours, the highest number of deaths and covet cases, the news agency AP reported.

On Thursday, officials put forward a plan to introduce new restrictions within a week and, among others, Reuters reported that restaurants and most stores would be closed to slow the spread of the epidemic.

Ukraine has registered new cases in the last 24 hours, according to the country’s Ministry of Health.

Concerns about the fifth wave in Finland

According to the WHO package, Europe is the only region in the world where the number of cases increased last week, which is currently a major concern in many countries. In Finland, coronation has worsened in recent weeks, and on the European Infection Control Agency’s ECDC’s Infectious Disease Map in Europe, Finland has changed from yellow to red due to more cases.

Northern Norway, Germany and the Baltic countries are also marked in red on the map.

Director of Diagnosis in the Helsinki and Usima Healthcare District (HYY) told the Los Lehtonon newspaper Evening News Finland is now on the fifth wave, which is seen as a burden on health care.

In Poland and Latvia, stricter controls are introduced after a sharp increase in the number of goiter infections. In Poland, those who refuse to wear mouth guards and in Latvia, where the vaccination rate is over 50 percent, it is expected to be discontinued. For four weeks, schools and workplaces will be closed. There is a curfew order in the evening and at night.

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Technel: Option to take action

In Sweden, the spread of the disease will increase again in the fall and winter, according to the Swedish Public Health Agency. The Commission has created three new possible scenarios for the future of government.

– If the spread of infection is to increase dramatically and the health care burden increases sharply, we are certainly ready to take action, says Anders Technell. Press Release.