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TikTok dominates as the primary news source among teenagers

TikTok dominates as the primary news source among teenagers

In recent years, TikTok has received a lot of criticism internationally, not least from the former US president Donald TrumpWho signed the presidential order Ban the app. A decision taken by the current President Joe Biden, choose to tear. The criticism is based on the fact that the company stores more information about its users than is necessary. Critics say the stored data could be used by the Chinese government. This report is from TikTok’s Nordics Head of Social Policy, Christine GranWhen she was questioned, she turned against.

– The Chinese government has never requested data from us. We were very clear that if we did that we would not publish it. “The Chinese government has no direct influence over TikTok or indirect influence over our parent company, ByteDance,” said Christine Gran. SVT’s Morganstudian.

Most popular news source for youth

Swedish Post and Telecommunications responded to the survey by British authority Ofcom. Now Chinese app Tiktok has topped the list of most popular messaging apps for British teenagers aged 12-15. TikTok’s success is explained by the app’s powerful algorithm and well-functioning search system. Instagram and YouTube are joint second on the list of most popular news sources Guardian.

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