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Prince Harry: This is why we left the United Kingdom

Prince Harry: This is why we left the United Kingdom

Meghan and Prince Harry announced a year ago that they would not be a “working property.”

Last week, they finally cut ties with the royal family – when they said they would not return and in the same vein lost their titles.

A necessary decision, after the way in which the British press dealt with the couple, according to Prince Harry.

It was a difficult environment, and I think everyone saw it. We all know what the British press can be like. He says it destroyed my mental health.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry insists they haven’t left – rather, they take a step back.

I will always want to contribute to the community. It is my life and it will remain so regardless of where I am in the world, he says.

Estimated “crown”

During the interview with James Corden, as the two boarded a tourist bus through Los Angeles, Prince Harry said he appreciated the television series “The Crown.”

This is because it is based on real events – but it does not claim to be an absolute truth, says the prince who himself signed a deal with Netflix valued at around 900 million kroner.

I am more comfortable with The Crown than the articles I see about my family, my wife, and / or me. The series is clearly fictional, but the articles are presented as facts because they should be news, he says.

Christmas gift for the queen for great-granddaughter

Prince Harry also reveals who he would like to see in his role – Damian Lewis – and what his 1.5-year-old son Archie got as a Christmas present from Queen Elizabeth.

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– You sent us a waffle iron. Prince Harry says he loves her.

TV legend Oprah Winfrey gives a wonderful interview with Meghan and Harry, which will air on US TV on March 7th.

Megan’s maternal life – from marriage to mother of two

On Valentine’s Day, Megan and Harry tell me that they are expecting their second child.
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