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Here he overcomes the opponent - in the middle of the race

Here he overcomes the opponent – in the middle of the race

During the first men’s semi-final in a World Cup relay, the jury announced that Estonia Marco Kelp had received a yellow card for his unsportsmanlike behavior. But what exactly happened was not clear.

And when SportExpressen hit Kelp shortly after the end, he himself was unaware of the warning.

Did you receive a warning? I am amazed when you say that. I don’t know why I got it, says Marco Kilb.

Should there be an accident in the race?

– Hmm, yeah.

– Jimmy Clognet and you went next to each other on one of the slopes and it’s so crowded there, so you might have pushed it. But I really don’t know.

Don’t you think it was something that should have triggered a warning?

– No. It was on my sled, too. But for me it is not a problem.

“It was really weird”

Moments later we had a chance to watch TV pictures of the situation. These are strange pictures.

Marco Kilb and Briton Jimmy Clujnet walk past each other on the ramp course towards the stadium. Kelp got a little balance at first and then put an arm in the direction of Clugnet.

no wonder.

But after a few seconds he turned towards Clugnet again – and hit him with his right fist. The photos also show how Jimmy Clugnet was taken aback by the battle, turned around and stared at Kilp.

– That was really weird, says Clugnet when SportExpressen met him after the race.

We go next to each other on a slope and suddenly I get in a fuss. what’s he doing? I didn’t do anything wrong, did I?

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Jimmy Clognet.

picture: Philip Gad.

He shakes his head.

– He fired it very fast and focused more on racing, but you just can’t keep going that way. Thankfully it didn’t hurt, I barely felt it.

Did you talk to him after that?

No, but I have to. I’m not mad at him, but I often wonder why he did. We hope we can solve it.

Some things happen in the heat of battle, but I think you can become friends afterward.

Dahlqvist: “What does he do?”

British national team captain Justin Vingeroy saw the situation on video afterwards.

– We just looked at it and yeah, it hit it. Vingery says this isn’t often seen in cross-country skiing.

I think it was good for the jury to act.

When Swedish stars Frida Carlson and Maja Dalcqvist watched the clip in which Kelp beats Jimmy Klugnet, they reacted loudly.

– But what does God do? Not good, says Dalqvist.

– He looks a little bit overwhelmed in there. Clugnet does nothing – then it hits it.

Frida Carlson:

– Is it a boxing match? If that had happened to me, I would have thrown the gloves on and responded.

Neither Great Britain nor Estonia advanced in the semifinals. In the end, Norway won the World Cup gold medal in the relay race.

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