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The ISIS woman should not return to Britain

The ISIS woman should not return to Britain

Shamima Begum left London voluntarily to join the terrorist organization ISIS. The outside world was able to see photos that showed how 15-year-old Shmima Begum and two other students passed the security check at Gatwick Airport.

Once in the so-called caliphate, she married Dutchman Iago Riddick, with whom she later had children. One of her children died in a camp in Syria in 2019.

According to Shamima Begum herself, she was a housewife and had done nothing wrong. On the other hand, MI6 received intelligence indicating that it had sewing booby-trapped vests on suicide bombers.

Shamima Begum, aged 15, passes security at Gatwick Airport.

picture: AP / Metropolitan Police

After the fall of the caliphate, Begum wanted to return to London. However, Britain decided to revoke its citizenship – a decision which it has appealed.

Begum – who is currently in a camp in northern Syria – requested that she be allowed to return to appeal the decision by Britain.

150 British nationalities canceled

Already in the first place, Begum lost out to the British state. One of the reasons given was that Shaima Begum did not risk becoming stateless, stating that her father grew up in Bangladesh. However, Bangladesh did not want to receive it.

On the other hand, the Court of Appeal ruled that Begum should be able to appeal the decision immediately in the UK. This decision was appealed on the grounds that the return would involve national security risks and an increased terrorist threat.

The British High Court has now decided that Shamima Begum may not return to appeal the revoked citizenship. Britain has revoked about 150 nationalities. According to Sky News, the decision in the highest court is important, as there was a concern that the permit could have given other ISIS members the same opportunity.

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Former terrorist member, for Shamima Begum: