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Postponing the end of 'Peaky Blinders' in Sweden |  Movie Zen

Postponing the end of ‘Peaky Blinders’ in Sweden | Movie Zen

Isn’t C More coming to save the “Peaky Blinders” this time around? (Updated.)

The news was not published until March 1. Update with new information.

At the time of writing, as a fan of Swedish “Peaky Blinders,” you can plow through the first five seasons without issues on Netflix. But if you’ve watched the popular British TV series about Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) and the rest of his family “Peaky Blinders” in recent years, you probably already know that seasons don’t usually appear on Netflix until all the episodes are finished airing by the BBC.

Historically, however, C More has happily sailed as our savior in times of need and premiered episodes (admittedly) with a delay of a few weeks, long before the significantly delayed release on Netflix. But despite the fact that the final season is now airing on BBC in the UK (since February 27), it was quiet from Sea More.

Now, however, we can confirm that Season 6 will be appearing in full on Swedish Netflix. However, it will take another three months – on June 10, it’s time for that

Although the end of the series is at least now beginning to approach, it must be added (for those who may have missed it) that the planned “Peaky Blinders” feature film will begin shooting in 2023. So hopefully we’ll get some characters to see Again even after the series hits the grave in 2022.

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Were you expecting to be able to start the beta for the now-ending Peaky Blinders? Feel free to comment below!