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Parliamentary system works in only two countries

Parliamentary system works in only two countries

History shows with desirable clarity that no single person or political party can remain in power for long.
Power perfection and hubris are inevitable temptations for us humans.

Many current presidents of the world are clear examples of this. They have stopped listening to the people and thus do not represent the will of the people. People are despotically ruled and forced to expect miracles or miracles.

Perhaps even worse, in many respects the governance of our Western democracies also matches these powerful examples. Essentially, countries where the largest party merges with the opposition, abandoning their election promises by manipulating the election results, and eliminating the opposition that operates on a parliamentary model. In Sweden, this has already happened in several municipalities since the last election. There the S and M formed a majority, leaving the other parties in a hopeless situation. Completely devoid of political influence and meaningful work.

At present, I see only two countries where the parliamentary system is functioning as intended, namely the United States and the United Kingdom. They both have two strong parties that alternate in power. Here is how it should work to prevent the fullness of power described. Many smaller parties or single-issue parties create confusion, create a majority and lure the parties in unsustainable promises to come to power.

Compromises have become the guiding star in governance here. It is directly irrelevant in crises like the present. A strong national and municipal government is now needed where all politicians work together for the good of the country and the municipalities. Honor is not complex or selfish. One for all, one for all!

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