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It is shocking that we who suffer from ME are described as lazy

It is shocking that we who suffer from ME are described as lazy

Why do I care about all of you?

• Because ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) can affect us all: it knows no social or geographical boundaries.

• Because people diagnosed with migraine make up a large part of society: estimates reach 1.3% of the population, and there are 137,000 migraine sufferers in Sweden and more than 6,000 people in Östergötland county.

• Since the World Health Organization (WHO) recognized meningitis as a neurological disease in 1965, but almost 60 years later, there is still no specialized care in Sweden, and neurology in Östergötland does not take responsibility for the patient population and another profession with Now the important responsibility has an outdated view of the disease and does not provide adequate care.

• Because ME patients in Sweden They belong to those who feel worst in Europe, according to a current study conducted in 21 European countries. Diagnosis in Sweden takes an average of eight and a half years, after which Middle Eastern patients are sent to pointless care centers. Increased awareness of this situation in society will lead to increased investment by politicians.

• Because it is one of the most disabling diseases. ME is a serious chronic multisystem disease that affects the nervous system, hormonal system, immune system, and energy production. Just over half of those infected with the disease in Sweden stay at home, and one in four are severely ill and remain bedridden for the rest of their lives. Increased awareness of this difficult disease will increase awareness of the need for continuing education among physicians and healthcare professionals.

• Because there is widespread ignorance about ME among doctors and therapists in Sweden. Depriving a patient group of care becomes costly to society in the long run. It affects the entire family, the social environment of the sick person, and the work environment negatively, not least because it leads to huge costs in the care system and the social system. Adequate care relieves and relieves symptoms and can significantly improve quality of life, which in itself reduces costs to society.

• Because ME increased significantly after the Covid pandemic. ME falls into the group of post-infectious diseases, such as post-Covid. Increased investment in Middle East research also leads to more knowledge about other similar diseases.

• Because the main symptom is an infernal disease: a severe lack of energy in the cells leads to their deterioration during exertion – the more courageous you are and the more you exert yourself, the worse you become. Having to struggle to get appropriate care and support leads to serious deterioration. Doctors have attempted to “coach” Middle Eastern patients with dire consequences for patients as a result.

• Because you can help remove the stigma of an invisible disease and prevent social exclusion. ME is invisible to outsiders, although it causes severe and painful disability. Being repeatedly labeled delusional or lazy is hurtful. A victim close to you is probably in a very difficult situation and needs your understanding.

• Because you can help raise awareness about the condition of ME patients in Östergötland County.

Footnote: ME/CFS is classified as a neurological disease by the World Health Organization and is often referred to as a neuroimmune disease. It is a complex multi-system disease in which the nervous system, immune system and energy production are affected. Source: National Association for Middle East Patients. Editors: Note

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