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Asylum seekers are fleeing the UK to Ireland to avoid being sent to Rwanda

Asylum seekers are fleeing the UK to Ireland to avoid being sent to Rwanda

The so-called Rwanda Plan, voted in April, aims to stop migrants and asylum seekers from reaching Britain illegally in dangerous boats across the English Channel. According to the agreement with Rwanda, those individuals can be flown to the African country, where asylum procedures must continue. Asylum seekers should stay there.

A week ago, British authorities began raids to round up asylum seekers being sent to Rwanda. Charities are now testifying that many are leaving their asylums to escape the authorities, and are raising the alarm that people are ending up in vulnerable situations or at risk of exploitation, the Guardian writes.

Foreign Office

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The growing migrant crisis

According to Ireland's Justice Minister Helen McIntyre, 80 percent of the Republic's asylum seekers come from Great Britain, via Northern Ireland, and she has tasked the Justice Minister with quickly drafting new legislation to allow Irish asylum seekers to be sent back to the UK. Britton, writes BBC.

Both the governments of Great Britain and Ireland are under pressure over the refugee issue. Reducing immigration is a key election issue, and with the UK general election just months away, the Tories are in deep trouble.

Sunak is not sitting safe

In last week's local elections, Labor won at the expense of the Tories, who had their worst local elections in the 2000s. And this autumn, the Conservatives are threatened with a historic defeat in the general election.

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The Tories' right-wing phalanx, led by sacked former home secretary Suella Braverman, is now demanding that Rishi Sunak make a right-wing turn in his politics and implement the Rwanda project, writes The Guardian. But many experts believe Sunak is now enjoying his last months as prime minister.

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