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Britain's Ugly Dog – The Unexpected Star of Deadpool & Wolverine

Britain's Ugly Dog – The Unexpected Star of Deadpool & Wolverine

Dogpool is the next reason to watch Deadpool 3

Are you choosy and deserving of seeing “Deadpool & Wolverine” this summer? Stop hesitating, you won't want to miss out when Britain's ugliest dog Peggy steals the show in her role as Dogpool.

There are many reasons Looking forward to the summer blockbuster Deadpool & Wolverine Opens in Swedish theaters on July 24.

Deadpool and Wolverine's intertwined fates are the biggest draw for the film, but it will also be interesting to see if the characters can breathe new life. MCU, when they now step into that movie universe. To see friends Ryan Reynolds And Hugh Jackman Another reason and fact to go to the cinema together Deadpool-Films still manage to stand out in the superhero genre.

But another aspect of the film that is looking forward to is the unexpected star – Peggy Dog, who takes on the role. Dog pool In the movie.

Peggy and Ryan Reynolds as Dogpool and Deadpool. Photo: Marvel Studios.

The dog in Deadpool 3 is Britain's ugliest

Peggy the dog He acted as Dogpool in it Deadpool & Wolverine It's not just any dog, it's been named Britain's ugliest dog. In January 2023, Peggy, a mix of Pug and Chinese Crested (sometimes called the Chinese Crested Dog), was “honored” with the title.

Five-year-old Peggy has appeared on television in several contexts, but now she's set to take her stardom to new levels with her role in the upcoming film. Wonderful– Movie. As Dogpool, she plays Wade Wilson/Deadpool's four-legged friend, and in co-star Ryan Reynolds, Peggy finds a new fan.

– It was love at first sight, says Reynolds in an interview Empire About Becky's first meeting.

According to Reynolds, the idea to include a dogpool in the film gradually developed as it began to take shape. Reynolds believes that the dogpool naturally became an important part of the film and says that Peggy and the dogpool feel like “the animal equivalent of Wade Wilson”.

Becky as the dogpool
Screenshot from Instagram @Dogpool.

On that day BBC You can read more Rejoice as star Peggy was named Britain's ugliest dog last year, as her owner thinks she's 'beautiful inside and out'.

Also follow Dogpool's official Instagram account @Dogpool.