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Woman who lived inside the shop's roof sign |  the world

Woman who lived inside the shop's roof sign | the world

Here she furnished her small house of about six square metres.

Photo: Heather Jordan/AP/TT

The 34-year-old woman had a rather original idea about how to live for free. Surreptitiously, she simply took over the inside of a rooftop sign for a Family Fare grocery store in Midland, Michigan. The area of ​​the small den is estimated at about six square metres.

The plan worked for a long time, but when roofers discovered that someone had run a wire from a ceiling outlet into the space, it was exposed. The police were called and the woman was exposed. Inside the small space she had set up a small desk, a plant pot, a computer with a printer, a coffee maker, and a small pantry filled with food. From the corner, she had a view of the large parking lot outside the store, but from the outside it was not possible to see anyone who was there.

I don't want to say how I got up

During questioning, police concluded that the woman had lived in the sign for about a year. She refused to reveal how she managed to get to and from her residence on the roof. There is a door leading into the space, but the roofers themselves had to use an additional ladder to reach the roof. The same ladder the woman used down when she fell ill.

Employees at the store, who now call the woman “Tak Ninja,” say they had seen her in the store but she would suddenly disappear. She was immediately released and is not suspected of committing any crime. However, she was warned not to return. The police also offered her help for the homeless, but she refused.

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