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Nvidia Shield TV gets low latency and night mode automatically

Nvidia Shield TV gets low latency and night mode automatically

Among the large number of media players available to choose from, Nvidia Shield TV is one of the oldest. As the name reveals, Nvidia is behind them, including the hardware. Models from 2015 are equipped with the Tegra X1 system circuit, while the slightly more updated 2019 models have the slightly improved Tegra X1+.

Although it has been almost seven years since the first models, it is still a popular model in the Android TV category and Nvidia updates all models even today. At the end of 2021, the operating system took over Step into Android TV 11 With Shield Experience Upgrade 9.0, something that is now being improved even further Version 9.1.

The new version offers, among other things, a new night mode called Night Listening Mode. Provided that the unit is connected via HDMI, the mode can effectively regulate the sound so as not to bother you too much when watching at night. For example, loud noises such as explosions can be attenuated, while lower-pitched parts remain audible.

Nvidia is also screwing game type, also called Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM). Provided the TV is ALLM compatible, it should now be automatically activated when the game starts. For the selected 2019 model of the Shield Pro, an AI-based upscaling of video material at 60Hz HDR10 has also been added. All units also receive a notification if the microphone is on and a set of bug fixes.

Nvidia Shield Experience Upgrade 9.1 has been actively rolling out to users since last week.

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  • Adds support for automatically enabling Game Mode on supported TVs (ALLM)

  • Adds night listening mode (HDMI audio only)

  • Adds the option to select a network workgroup when connecting to SHIELD over a local network

  • Adds an option to create your own password when connecting to SHIELD over a local network

  • [SHIELD Pro 2019] Adds AI Upscaling support for 60Hz HDR10 video

  • [SHIELD Remote 2019] Adds an option to activate SHIELD only with the power button or NETFLIX button

  • [Game Controllers] Adds an option to only alert SHIELD with the logo button

  • Adds an option to match uncompressed audio to Dolby reference sound levels

  • Adds an option to disable display of HDR / Dolby Vision content

  • Adds a notification when the app uses the microphone

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