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Learn about wildfires by playing Riders Republic

Learn about wildfires by playing Riders Republic

Ubisoft plans to use games to teach us about climate disasters

Ubisoft plans to use different events in the games to teach us about climate disasters. According to the United Nations website Playing for the planet Ubisoft will help inspire young people to take responsibility for the climate and our environment.

The idea is that in games like Republic of Riders Events can be created that reflect wildfires (which were a major problem in the US last summer). This could mean that parts of the map will not be playable, the sky will be red from fire and visibility will also be affected by smoke. Here’s what the creators of the game say events.

“The live event will not be proactively announced to players. Instead, they will be immediately immersed in the consequences of wildfires in the outskirts of the map when the game begins,”

“The sky will be orange and there will be ‘fire smoke’ mist throughout the entire match due to wildfires, players will be equipped with a gas mask by default, and part of the map will not be accessible to players and will also be unbreathable ‘due to nearby wildfires.’

Another example is the next example skull bones, where they can present what happens, for example, if we overflow the seas in search of sharks and shark fins. The player will then be able to help stop the hunting and trading of shark fins in the game.

“Like current societal challenges, changes must be collaborative, raise awareness, and encourage others to learn from additional environmental causes that need attention and consideration,”

“In the upcoming Skull & Bones title from Ubisoft, players spend a lot of time at sea, in our oceans. As pirates fighting to survive, the ocean is their home and their world.”

“Much like our oceans, this world provides many resources to benefit them in their adventure but also opens up the possibility of exploitation.”

Our environment is of course important, do you think this is the right way to go?

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