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Photo showing tension between Noshi Dadgostar and Morgan Johansson: 'I'm not happy'

Photo showing tension between Noshi Dadgostar and Morgan Johansson: ‘I’m not happy’

Nooshi Dadgostar and Morgan Johansson – two of the main characters in today’s political drama – both appeared at Morgonstudion earlier on Monday. It was before these interviews that the two met each other.

– They weren’t very happy… They weren’t very happy with each other. They quarreled a bit about who wanted to meet, who didn’t, and so on, says Elizabeth Marmorstein, a local policy commentator at SVT.

I went to Morgan Johansson with firm steps

Noshi Dadgostar had just come out of her Morning Studio interview when she saw Morgan Johansson and approached him with determined strides. After that, they both had an intense discussion.

In addition to several SVT employees, bodyguards for politicians from Säpo also sat (standing) in the audience and witnessed the conversation.

Then the government can fall

Sometime after 10.00 on Monday, it will be decided whether the Löfven government will fall, and it was also – and thus the conflict behind the proposal to introduce free rent into new production – the reason for the tense meeting between Morgan Johansson and Nooshi Dadgostar.

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How long can the presidential tour last? What will happen if the January agreement falls? Mats Knutson, local policy commentator at SVT explains.
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