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Contact lens prototype equipped with Micro LED processor and ARM M0

Contact lens prototype equipped with Micro LED processor and ARM M0

In recent years, virtual and augmented reality (VR, AR) technology has become increasingly accessible to the general public, not least in the form of VR headsets of various types. On the augmented reality side, companies like Meta, Google and Microsoft have worked with smart glasses of different types, where, among other things Microsoft Hololins Companies sought.

Since 2015, American Mojo Visions has also worked on a more skin-friendly type, in the form of contact lenses. Like smart glasses, the idea is to make everyday work easier with graphics and interfaces, but in a more compact format. Now Mojo Visions shows one New business model To preview how the supposed end product will work.


In a blog post on the company’s website, Mojo Vision CEO Drew Perkins said he was the first to physically try smart contact lenses. So far, only one lens has been tried at a time, and during the show he was able, among other things, to see a compass, text and images through the lens.

Unlike the soft contact lenses that are more commonly used to correct vision defects, Mojo Vision lenses are rigid. It has a Micro LED panel with a diameter of 0.5 millimeters, limited to 14,000 pixels per inch. It is in turn powered by an ultra-small ARM-based Cortex M0 processor as well as small batteries approved for medical use.


Despite the small lenses, the build as a whole is not yet conservative. For the prototype to work, a device is hung around the neck that contains a more powerful processor and a graphic part that sends information to the lens over the 5 GHz band. In addition, a special hat with an antenna is also needed.

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It is not known exactly when the smart lens will be found in a more complete version, but the company’s CEO indicates that it will be about ten more years.

Are you thinking of wearing smart contact lenses?