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Now residents can borrow sports and leisure items from Sportbanken »

BJRE 2022-01-26 Kuala Lumpur. 07:00

Written by Peter Jacobson

Hgans has a foyer full of sports and entertainment. It is the stock of the sports bank that the residents of Hgans and Bstad can borrow from. Exchange can take place in the town hall of Bstad or in Hgans.
Hopefully, many will want to take advantage of the opportunity to borrow things, says Hans Baganos, Director of Real Estate and Leisure at Bstad Municipality.

Hans Paganus and Anton Waldt are among the sports and leisure items on the Sportbanken farm in Hgans.

On Smltaregatan in Hgans is the Sportbanken, which serves as a library of sports and leisure items that can be borrowed and used.
A good way to be able to test new sports, says Anton Waldt, Sportbanken project manager at Hgans.

Sportbanken has been in operation since April 1 of last year, but operations started when there was a pandemic and thus were not able to thrive properly.
It was a jump start when we got started, and since then we’ve been experimenting with how it works. Anton explains that we were pleasantly surprised by the response.

During the summer there was a lot of interest in borrowing things from Sportbanken.
We were filled with all the orders, says Anton, and he did a lot more than we thought.

Most of the items in Sportbanken have been donated by individuals. It is left for reuse via the recycling centers where the Sportbanken collects.
We go through what comes because we cannot absorb as much as we like. Then we want to make sure we get a good show with different gear, Anton explains.

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At Sportbanken in Hgans there are, among other things, sleds, boots and poles for both hiking and exploration. There are golf clubs, inline skates, skateboards, bicycles, badminton rackets, tennis, paddle and balls. There are ski boots and football boots. There is camping equipment in the form of tents, sleeping platforms and storm equipment.

Plenty of sports and leisure equipment can be found on the Sportbanken farm in Hgans.

They bought a few things, including tents and sleeping pads.
We saw the demand on tlt and knew we probably wouldn’t get some so we bought a number. We also bought paddle rackets for the sport and it’s new and it’s hard to find people to donate paddle rackets, says Anton.

A taxi bike is one of the most fun and exotic things to borrow as well. It’s a custom-made bike with a sofa in the front with room for three people.
We have two bikes like this and we thought one of them would be in Stad this summer. These are borrowed for a shorter period of time, perhaps a day or a few days, says Anton.

Hans Paganus took the opportunity to take a test ride and Anton sat on the sofa.
It’s much easier to step on it than I thought, Hans happily says.

Anton Waldt drives when Hans Baganos tests the taxi bike that belongs to the most exotic gadgets you can borrow from Sportbanken.

To borrow things from Sportbanken, they must be booked through an electronic service that can be accessed via the municipality’s website.
Anton explains that you need a bank ID to be able to borrow things.

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From February 1, the online service will book a drop-off point in Bstad.
We will be a branch of Sportbanken in Hgans, it will be easier, the equipment you order is picked up to Bstad at the reception in the city hall. Our idea is to go to Hgans once a week to take orders. Maybe Tuesday morning, says Hans Paganus.

Now, Sportbanken is also starting to open its doors on a weekday afternoon so you can come see and maybe try whatever you want to borrow. Every Wednesday between 2pm and 6pm, it opens at Sportbanken at Smltaregatan 7 in Hgans.

Sportbanken was funded by the Gripen Foundation and ICA Kvantum in Hgans.
They incurred costs during start-up, and in the future the operation will be partially financed by the municipalities of Hgan and Bstad, says Anton Waldt.

The sports bank will also be able to provide useful employment opportunities for some in the future.
We have plans for them to be able to work with Sportbanken’s management of day-to-day operations. Anton explains that it could be a good business for them.

There are thoughts that Sportbanken will get out and get moving, too.
This summer, we may be taking a few things to the beach and borrowing them right away. Anton says it can be a good summer job for young people.

With Sportbanken devices have a longer life. Good way to reuse.
Hopefully people will have the idea to give away things that can be used and borrow money that you just want to try. It’s a way to save the environment, says Hans Paganus.

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