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Tre Kronor could win World Cup gold: ‘With a little luck, it’s possible’

The 62-year-old experienced Södergren, who has served as an expert commentator for Nent (formerly Viasat) for 32 years, is just as much a fan of Sweden’s contribution to Sunday night’s 5-3 win over the Czech Republic.

The World Cup is still in its infancy, with only two matches played, and Sodergren – one of the champions when Sweden won their first World Cup gold in 25 years in 1987 – is now raising the bar for Sweden’s ice hockey team.

But not too loud For a potential golden team – so far. He said this while having coffee with TT at a hotel in Tampere the day after Sweden’s victory:

– They certainly participated in the battle for medals. The team’s ability appeared yesterday, especially since you had good matches with goalkeepers, back and forward matches at the same time. Usually one or two parts of the team have succeeded. Then he falters a bit and then you need to be lucky to win, he says and continues:

– It was the first game in a long time that I saw a great move all the way from Magnus Heilberg (goalkeeper) and all the way. It was a good fall forward and many players lifted themselves.

Pointing to the top.  Tre Kronor has been positively surprised by the profile of former national team and expert commentator Håkan Södergren.

Pointing to the top. Tre Kronor has been positively surprised by the profile of former national team and expert commentator Håkan Södergren.

Photo: Jonas Ekströmer / TT

Trey Kronor did not stand up Particularly high in the track experts and others who have insight ahead of the World Cup. Last year was a failure, missed the qualifiers and ninth place, which means the worst result of the World Cup in 84 years.

In addition, many NHL players, especially forwards, were rejected, implying team bias. Good guard side, shiny back – but headless front side.

Now Rasmus Asplund, Buffalo, scored two goals.

– It was unexpected. Eight goals in an entire season of the National Hockey League and then he came here and scored two goals in one game and the same game, says Södergren, who thinks Asplund was the best striker to date.

But for three crowns To get to another level, a specific target recorder is needed.

We needed someone from Elias Lindholm or Philip Forsberg, a skilled attacker who breaks patterns and can make a man. Then the defensive organization often falls to the opponents. This type of player is very important in crucial matches, says Södergren.

Calgary’s Lindholm player went to play in the Stanley Cup playoffs last night and rejected Forsberg because he is out of his contract and is expected to sign a giant contract this summer.

Is this player among those who have not refused yet?

(William) Nylander is the last hope, he’s that kind of player, he says.

Tre Kronor had a day off on Monday before two matches in two days had to wait again – Great Britain (Tuesday) and Olympic gold medalist Finland (Wednesday).

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