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Tilda Strom will be the best player of the year

Newly established Crown Princess Margherita Award honors Pandey

Tilda Strom is the Bandis Player of the Year.

As the first ever player, she took home the award
Crown Princess Margherita Award, hence she is Bandy Player of the Year.

– The king decided to return the award and viewed it very favorably, says the Director of Information at the Court Margarita Turgren.

Tilda Strom is a true record player. She is the shooting queen of the year, has scored the most goals ever during a primary series and is also the second year in a row that Tilda Strom has been named Player of the Year.

I feel proud when I understand that from the outside I can be seen as a role model. It’s a little hard to understand sometimes, says Tilda Strom, but it’s of course a great feeling.

But the award changed its name this year.

From 2022, the award will be given to Crown Princess Margaret. It is no coincidence that the former royal family may put their name on the award.

Tilda Strom received the Crown Princess Margherita Award for her outstanding efforts in the Bandy.

Bandy started his own team

She was Crown Princess Margaret of Great Britain and granddaughter of Queen Victoria. She was married to Gustav VI, so Margherita is the grandmother of our king.

It was unusual for princesses and queens to practice sports on a large scale at the time, but Margarita was a pioneer. She played tennis and golf and was a skilled runner. She became fond of Swedish winter sports and in 1908 founded Sweden’s first all-female bandy team – but then named hockey the “Crown Princess of Hong Kong”.

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The team gained a following and soon there was a league of six teams that all trained twice a week at Stockholm Stadium.

Crown Princess Margherita plays the Pandey at Stockholm Stadium and this time her sons Prince Sigard and Prince Gustav Adolf were in attendance.

Crown Princess Margherita plays a match at Pande at Stockholm Stadium.

“It is important that we have space”

The award bearing the name of Crown Princess Margherita is a tribute to Princess Pandey’s love and
Further development of sport in Sweden.

With this new award and interest around the women’s restroom that’s back in March, it’s as if the women’s pandey is reaching out in a new, broader way. Only in the years I’ve played do I feel as though a lot has happened on that front. It’s fun and important to have a space to see so little girls can see what we’re doing
And they find it fun to do the bandy and what it gives, says Tilda Ström.

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