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Britons close to lockdown - the spread of infection is accelerating

Britons close to lockdown – the spread of infection is accelerating

New restrictions may be imposed in the UK as early as this side of the year, after the spread of infection has skyrocketed and hospital admissions in London have now increased by 92 per cent.

Thus, admissions are approaching a critical threshold – 400 registrations per day – which the government has set as an indication that a national shutdown, or lockdown, may be necessary.

On Wednesday, there were 386 new hospital admissions per day, a 92 percent increase over the previous week. It’s reports Daily mail.

The number of hospitalizations doubles every ten days, but it’s still far from the highest level in nearly a year at 850 per day.

Record numbers positive test

Meanwhile, more than 1.7 million Britons contracted the virus last week. Every day, more than 100,000 tests positive, with the record Christmas Eve with 122,186 positive test results.

The discovery of the omicron variant is still so new that much is still uncertain, but more and more studies are showing that omicron does not cause serious disease like the delta variant.

The concern is that it spreads faster and when many are infected at the same time, the risk of healthcare overload increases.

The prime minister has to decide if, and if so, what restrictions may be relevant in order to implement them before the New Year, writes the Times.

Different rules in the country

Boris Johnson has invested a large part of his career in ensuring that the country does not have to return to the restrictions that prevailed in the country until late this summer.

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However, large parts of the country are making a different assessment than Johnson and Scotland as well as Wales and Northern Ireland already have more restrictions than England.

In Scotland, people before and during Christmas were asked to limit their social contacts to at most two other families and to test themselves before gathering.

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