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NENT Group recognized as 'Outstanding Training Leader' by European Women

NENT Group recognized as ‘Outstanding Training Leader’ by European Women

  • NENT team up to ‘best training leader’ utnämt i Senust Gender Equality Index Report on European Women’s Boards
  • The company ranks in the top 10% of European companies for gender equality in business management

The Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group) has been recognized as the ‘Best Training Leader’ by the European Board of Women (EWOB) in its latest Gender Equality Index report. The report ranks the NENT group among the top 10% of European organizations for gender equality in business management. Today, there are 50-50 genders in the group of NENT Group led by Ernburg in Bern, and 55% of the group management in the company are women.

EWOB’s Gender Equality Index report examines women’s participation in management and decision-making contexts, including all European STOXX 600 companies. NENT Group is ranked 62nd out of all added companies and 9th out of 62 rated Swedish companies.

This report is being implemented with financial support from the European Commission’s Plan for Citizenship, Equality, Rights and Values. EWOB is a pan-European network supported by the European Commission.

Hedwige Nuyens, Chairman, European Women’s Boards: “The NENT Group is one of the best performing companies in Europe with the highest decision-making level of gender-equitable distribution. Special congratulations to Pernille Erenbjerg.I hope you are a role model and many more will follow.

Anders Jensen, President and CEO, NENT Group: “Equality requires leadership – from all of us individuals and companies we work with. We look forward to helping guide you.

Mahmoud Osman, Chairman of the NENT Group for Diversity and Content: “We are proud to be committed to being a leader in gender equality. It is fun to watch our efforts being noticed by EWOB, and further proof that we are on the right track to becoming one of the most equitable, diverse and inclusive entertainment companies in the world.

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The NENT Group was recently named a Leading Player in the Sustainability of Sustainability, and was inducted into the S&P Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for the world and Europe.


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