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Labor shortage argument when countries open up in Europe

Labor shortage argument when countries in Europe open

In the United Kingdom, the prevalence of the disease has been declining for two weeks now, and hospital admissions are declining.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said most restrictions in the UK would be lifted next week, including compulsory opportunity protection in schools. In addition, the British government will “soon” repeal the law criminalizing non-isolation if Govt-19 is tested positive.

“We have no obligation to isolate you if you have the flu,” Johnson said, stressing that the vaccine protects well against serious illnesses caused by the Omigron variant of Govit-19.

The restrictions are to be relaxed After repeated warnings of labor shortages in various sectors. Englishman Rail transport Affected, up to a third of departures have been canceled, health care has been affected by staff shortages, and even in schools the situation is serious, with many teachers on sick leave. Schools in socially backward areas are said to be severely affected.

The spread of the disease has also decreased in some places in Spain. In Cantabria, the use of vaccine passes will be eliminated and in Catalonia, curfew will be lifted from Friday night, according to reports. Country. However, in some places, such as the Canary Islands, restrictions are being tightened as a result of persistent high levels of infection.

Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sanchez Kovit-19 recently said it could soon be considered a common flu – especially since 92.5 percent of Spaniards over the age of 12 are now fully vaccinated.

In France, the spread of the disease has not yet peaked, but on Thursday the country’s government began to gradually open up the community in the coming weeks. Sick leave and labor shortages also play a role here. In French Bordeaux, only available to elementary school students School food Three days a week due to the lack of alternative materials in the school canteen, and in French hospitals, covit-affected staff are allowed to call on duty until they have no obvious symptoms.

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But the opening is not entirely controversial. French teachers have been protesting against what they consider to be the most rapid and arbitrary rule changes in recent weeks, and some French people fear that opening too quickly could endanger their health.