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Johnson kallas ”plane stupid” – flög 40 mil till klimatmöte

Johnson has been called a “plane idiot” – 400 km from the climate summit.

After the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson flew 400 km between London and Cornwall – a climate summit is called “plane stupid” by the opposition.

Leaders of some of the world’s major economies are currently meeting with the G7 Group in Cornwall, west of the UK. One of the issues leaders are discussing is “creating a greener and more prosperous future.”

That the President of the United States Joe Biden It is understandable that Air Force One took him to the meeting – but the choice of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to fly 400 kilometers between London and Cornwall led to opposition calling Johnson a “plane idiot”.

“I have come to Cornwall for the G7 this year, where I ask my fellow leaders for the challenge of overcoming the epidemic and rebuilding the best, the best and the greenest. It will be an exciting and important summit and I can’t wait to get started,” the Prime Minister wrote on Twitter.

“Can’t buy the planet”

The quote about “flight idiot” came from Labor Luke Pollard, Who is the Environment Minister in the Opposition’s ‘Shadow Government’?

There is no railroad from Cornwall to Washington or Tokyo, but to London. The Prime Minister should have taken the train and not come up with a plan, “he said According to Sky News.

“The Prime Minister cannot afford to take a trip on a private jet. Most of us want to go by train,” he said. Vera Hopehouse, Climate Spokesperson of the Liberal Democrats

It costs five times as much for the environment

Boris Johnson was quick to respond to questions from the press that he had flown to the climate summit when he landed.

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“If you attack my arrival by plane, I respectfully point out that the UK is truly a leader in developing sustainable aviation fuel. One point of our 10-point plan for the Green Industrial Revolution is to get jet zero and net zero.”

The plane is five times more environmentally friendly than the Prime Minister’s train. skriver The Mirror.

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