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Tasks: UK postpones reopening

Tasks: UK postpones reopening

The delta variant, originally known as the Indian virus variant, soon dominated the UK altogether. It accounts for more than 90 percent of all viral cases, and a study in the UK indicates that it is 96 percent, according to the BBC.

Of the more than 30,000 people affected by the delta variation, nearly two-thirds are undiagnosed, according to figures from the UK Public Health Organization. Of the total number of victims, 6 percent received two doses of a Govit-19 vaccine.

Public Health England, The PHE says the delta variant is 60 percent more contagious in homes than the alpha variant, which was more contagious than previous virus strains. According to the PHE, people with delta disease have a higher risk of serious illness requiring hospitalization.

Newspaper The Sun reports Friday night The removal of the last restrictions will be postponed for two weeks – from June 21 to July 5. The Times writes There are discussions about postponing the reopening for a month.

Medical professionals And The Guardian, the BBC and Sky News, which spoke unanimously, demanded that the last restrictions be extended beyond June 21.

– Excellent protection (from vaccines) is achieved about two weeks after the second dose, especially in the delta variant. Adequate population will not have adequate protection on June 21, Says Chand Nagpal, president of the British Medical Association, Up to The Guardian.

Jim McManus, Andreman, in the Association of Directors of Public Health, Tells the BBC If the government invests a little more time to vaccinate more people, it will prevent setbacks in terms of the spread of infection.

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– Completing the vaccination program is very important, he says.

Fifty-five percent of adults in the UK are fully vaccinated. Two-thirds received at least one dose.

Government The schedule will be announced on Monday.

– It is clear that the number of cases is increasing and in some places the number of hospital admissions is increasing. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said earlier this week.

According to Boris Johnson, there are arguments for and against the opening according to the plan, and the government will evaluate all the data available now and then make a decision.

Concerns about delta diversity are also growing in Sweden.

– It has been proven to be different from other types and has the potential to take it, says state epidemiologist Anders Technell.

In Sweden, there are more than 70 confirmed cases in Delta. Due to the development, the Swedish Public Health Institute has modified infection control measures and, among other things, expanded the typing of positive samples. In Wormland and Plecking, where most cases have been found, additional measures have been put in place to detect the infection.