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Freezing Wind 23 – Armed Forces

Freezing Wind 23 – Armed Forces

Freezing Winds 23, FRWI 23, is an end-autumn exercise of the Finnish Navy with the aim of developing its tactical capability, host nation support capability, and national and multinational command capability in all dimensions and functions, both defensively and offensively.

The exercise allows Swedish units to train with Finland and NATO partners to carry out joint maritime operations quickly and efficiently. Hence, we enhance our ability to quickly address changes in the security situation.

During Freezing Winds 23, Sweden and Finland practiced and developed operations around host nation support. By participating in the exercise, we are strengthening the relationship and improving cooperation with our partners.

Finland, Sweden, Estonia, France, Great Britain, the United States and NATO SNMCMG1 are participating with about 20 ships in the exercise. Sweden contributes two Gavle warships, a Coaster minesweeper, a support ship and a number of people in training and personnel management. Overall, about 200 people from the Swedish Navy participate.

Media contact: Ola Jakobsen, Communications Manager 4.sjöstridsflottiljen.

[email protected], 070-208 88 64

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