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Best managers?  They use a “negative mentality”

Best managers? They use a “negative mentality”

in your work Surely you are accustomed to public acclaim as a success; Many new customers, prices should rise rather than fall, and innovation is adding new products and services, rather than lowering them.

But there is reason to believe otherwise, according to a recent article in The Economist.

Because the best managers use what is called a “negative mindset.”

An example is the e-commerce company Shopify, which is run by a COO Kaz Nejatian Cut back on meetings and introduce meeting-free Wednesdays.

results? Better efficiency and productivity.

Another example is the four-week trials around the world, where countries such as Australia, Japan, Spain and Great Britain have seen similar results.

Revenues increased by 40 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. Employers saw greater commitment among employees and found it easier to recruit and retain employees. Sickness absence decreased.

Other ways to use “minus mentality”?

As a good manager, you must know when it is time to abandon ideas and projects that lead nowhere, and focus instead on what is valuable and successful.

The work—and the presentation—often conflicts with the whole idea of ​​the business.

Research published in The Economist shows that when we are asked to improve a service or product, we add to it, rather than subtract.

So it’s time to rethink. Especially if you ask the management theorist Peter Druckerand is a fan of what is called “planned abandonment.”

Managers and leaders should routinely ask themselves, says Drucker, in all areas of business: “If we hadn’t done what we’re already doing, would we have done it even if we knew what we know now?”