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Great Britain lifts 'ban' on onshore wind energy

Great Britain lifts 'ban' on onshore wind energy

Energy policy

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Britain is making it easier to build land-based wind power by lifting current regulations that nearly prohibit power plant construction, The Guardian reports.

Since 2015, local authorities have been able to object to the expansion of wind turbines. It effectively amounted to a ban and significantly hampered the expansion of the force's strike on British territory.

As a result of these rules, only 20 new wind turbines have been approved in the past nine years.

The new system instead stipulates that local politicians must conduct a comprehensive assessment.

– To secure our energy security and develop a cleaner, greener economy, we are launching new measures that increase the ability of local communities to approve permits for new wind turbines. Minister Michael Gove says this will help us on our journey towards net zero emissions.

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