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For sale: Trek Slash 8 |

For sale: Trek Slash 8 |

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Checking interest in slash 8 because I'm keen to buy a new bike (as you always do).

Slash 8 which unfortunately rolled a lot less than I wanted, but it also shows the good condition it is in. Of course there is a small mark but it is in very good condition. There is a small superficial scratch/scuff on the top tube, left side, after I put the rifle saddle on.

Everything works well and is well taken care of.
The only problem is that the dropper wobbles a little, about half the length of the stroke it works perfectly down and up, but because the tube is slightly twisted, it gets stuck in the down position. However, if you pull the harness a little, it will fly off again.

However, I do have a nice fully functional 150mm Crankbrothers dropper that I can handle.

There is a pair of deore xt platform pedals included. The bike is tubeless with recently changed fluid.

With the defective dropper (which works with a small jerk) I want 20,000 for it.
With a Crankbrothers dropper I want 21,000 for it.

The bleed kit and oil can be sent to Sram (by the way, there aren't many miles on it since the last time I bled the brakes).

It is preferable to sell it on the site, but it can be sent in exchange for payment in advance, and the buyer is responsible for shipping.

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prize: 21,000 SEK
Model year: 2020
measuring: big
boycott: Stockholm
place: Valentuna
Published: 3 hours ago

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