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Qvantum has won the British Award for Heat Pump for Apartments

Qvantum has won the British Award for Heat Pump for Apartments

Swedish heat pump company Qvantum in Skåne has received its second international award for innovative technology. At a ceremony in London on Friday night, Qvantum's product was “highly recommended” for the Innovation Award at the British Renewable Energy Awards.

The British Renewable Energy Awards are the most prestigious event of its kind in the UK. The awards are awarded by the REA (Renewable Energy and Clean Technology Association), which has over 500 members and works closely with the UK Parliament.

Qvantum received the award for its newly developed 6 kW ultra-compact heat pump for apartment use. The heat pump for the apartment is so small that it can fit under the kitchen cabinet and is intended for use with low-temperature networks (5th generation central heating). It can provide heating, hot water and cooling, and produces more than 4 kilowatt-hours of heat for every kilowatt-hour of energy supplied.

– We showed the apartment heat pump at the ISH exhibition in Germany in March for the first time, and it has already received two global innovation awards, says Jesper Jarnhäll, COO of Qvantum.

– To be recognized by REA is fantastic as we have only recently begun our UK operations with the acquisition of Hybrid Energy Storage in Leicester.

Hybrid Energy Storage shared another award on the same night when the company designed a geothermal heating system for Birmingham Women's and Children's Hospital. The hospitals have a heating system that made them “Highly Recommended” for the Leadership Award.

Heat pumps for sustainable cities

The idea behind the apartment heat pump is to provide fossil fuel-free heating to all the millions living in gas-heated apartments in Europe's major cities. A heat pump can easily replace gas boilers and contribute to cost savings and reduce NOx and CO2 emissions.

Our goal is to change the way European cities are heated. It's time to stop lighting the fire, says company COO Jesper Jarnhäll.

Qvantum was founded 30 years ago and has a history of manufacturing large, custom heat pumps for special applications. Two years ago, the company was reorganized and the goal is now to become a leader in making Europe's major cities fossil fuel-free. In January this year, Qvantum received SEK 460 million from investors, and this fall they will start large-scale production at a new factory in Åstorp.


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Since 1993, Qvantum has developed and manufactured heat pumps and energy systems. They are currently working with a team of developers to develop a fifth-generation district heating and cooling system. Using proprietary hardware and software, the goal is to create solutions that make it easier for property owners to quickly obtain fossil fuel-free heating and cooling in residential areas and cities primarily in Europe. Qvantum has facilities in Malmö (Limhamn) and Astorp and currently employs around 70 people.